Renovations and Additions

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So why move when you love where you are.

Rob Littlejohn Builders can expand and enhance your existing home, by adding a new realm, to keep your home growing with your family, or uplifting tired bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Renovating your home can be upsetting to the routine or your family life. We understand the importance of extending or renovating your home with as little disruption as possible and to maintain a comfortable living environment for you and your family while it takes place, and if done right it can increase the value and pleasure of your home.


Many choose to renovate simply to spruce up before sale but if your goal is to improve your home for yourself and family requirements, here are some ideas to consider:

  • Alter the formation of the house to allow better flow, orientation, or gain better advantage of views, sun.
  • Add on rooms to allow for the growth in your family needs. Maybe and extra bedroom, en-suite, office or games room.
  • Convert unused space or add on to provide accommodation for expanding families or boarders
  • Refresh and update tired areas of the house to give a fresher more modern edge. This could simply be a coat of paint that is required, or it may involve removing walls, adding windows, installing a new kitchen or bathroom.
  • Restore your home to an original form, or modernize your home to suit your style.
  • Repair any problem areas of your home from possible movement, leaks, damage.
  • Expand your home by adding on to the exterior in the form of decks, conservatories, garaging.
  • While you are removing wall linings, consider upgrades or installation of insulation to improve warmth, health and running costs of your home.

additions alterations renovations northlandIf your intention is to stay on in your home, the main investment made through renovation or addition is priceless, the extra comfort and enjoyment for your family. Financial investment may not be an important aspect in deciding how much you spend.

If you are intending to sell on, then be cautious not to overcapitalize. Gain quotes and don’t be afraid to ask for advice, local real estate agents are a great source of knowledge of what your property is worth before and after .

New Zealanders are re-known for our DIY attitude, you only have to look at all the DIY programs screening on TV, and if you have the time then why not, do what you are capable of. It is very rewarding to see the transformation and may potentially save you some money in areas. Be careful however that what you aim to do is realistic and relevant to your skill level, time and energy otherwise it may just cost you more in the long run. There are legal restrictions on doing some work yourself and qualifications are required in areas. You also need to make sure you abide by local Council codes and obtain consents where required.

If you have made the decision or considering renovating or adding on to your home, we would love to come out and discuss your ideas with you and offer you a free quote to carry out the work. That way you will know up front what you are in for and we can discuss the time frame and disruptions that may occur and plan it to work in with your families schedule.