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First class quality craftsmanship – no matter what your budget.

We are one of Northlands most respected builders, leading the way in superior detail, craftsmanship, and building management in all construction projects.  That doesn’t mean we aren’t competitive in price.  Whether you are building an architectural home, your first home or remodeling an existing one, our vision is always first class quality craftsmanship, and this is offered at the same price, no matter what your project or budget.  Budget is affected by the materials you build out of and the size of your build.  Insist on quality workmanship to have your home last your lifetime.

Build right, build strong… Build Rob Littlejohn.

Design and build

Our attention to detail and quality workmanship has earned us our strong standing reputation over the years, but don’t be fooled…. that doesn’t mean we are “too expensive” to build with.  What it does mean however, is that we guarantee to apply the same quality workmanship to all projects undertaken no matter what your building type or budget.  The same care and attention to detail that has seen Rob Littlejohn Builder win many awards comes down to our great team of skilled workers.  Your budget will be modified by the materials you use, the number of fittings, fixtures, bathrooms, whether you are building rural or utilizing town services.  Right from the get go, through to final completion, Rob Littlejohn Builders are able to offer planning and construction services. Our New Zealand Collection range is a great place to start, alternatively we have the full range of Certified Builder plans, or simply bring in your own ideas and we can draw them up to your own design.  We have our own 3D program we use and from there we can liaise with local architects to get your dream home onto paper and into fruition.

Architectural WOW factor

With over 45 years of building experience, director Robin  Littlejohn and his selectively picked team are dedicated to providing quality and exceptional service that is tailored to meet individual needs.  “We thrive on the challenges and creativity that come with building high end architectural homes”.  No two homes are the same and your focus may be on design. Rob Littlejohn Builders enjoy working closely with you to achieve your vision and turn your dream home into reality.

Lifestyle & Farm Buildings

We rely on our outstanding team of craftsmen to meet and exceed our company’s requirements for excellence, so why shouldn’t you have that same quality in the construction of your new shed, barn or alternative accommodation. We have teamed up with Customkit to bring you a ride range of lifestyle buildings to suit your needs.

Commercial Construction

While we pride ourselves on creating new homes for families to love living in, we also carry our passion for building into the commercial sector as well. Creating new learning spaces for the children of the future, renovating and extending shop premises, upgrading service clinics all with the same dedication and quality construction we put into each and every one of our homes.

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